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Welcome to the Teacher Support Site for US JUMP Math Teachers!

Have questions? Contact our Outreach & Teacher Support Managers in Canada & the United States.

Here you will find supplemental support materials, news in math education, and an online professional community to share insights and questions.

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This site is intended to be a professional community for US educators.  JUMP Math’s public website is at www.jumpmath.org.

The site is organized into 3 sections:

  • Blog, featuring local and national education news, current educational theory, JUMP Math updates and conversation starters
  • Homework resources, which teachers can use when they feel that students require additional practice.  Development of these homework resources is ongoing, unit by unit, as we complete them. *Please note that Canadian homework resources are based on the 2009 Editions of JUMP Math, and not the New Editions (2016-19)
  • Supplemental Teacher Resources, such as a PowerPoint presentation to help teachers talk about JUMP Math with parents.  We invite teachers to make comments, ask questions, and start conversations anywhere on the site.

*Please note: The resources on this blog are not officially published by JUMP Math.  In fact, most of the resources you’ll find are in Word format so you can make changes and use them however you see fit for your classes.

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