Meet Annie

I’ve wanted to be a teacher since I was 11 years old and I thought it was the most important job in the world. It has been many years since then (over twenty!) but my belief in the impact of education hasn’t changed one bit.

My journey to teaching led me to tutoring in after-school programs, a Masters in Child Study & Education, classroom teaching in public and private schools, and brought me to JUMP Math six years ago. I was midway through my Masters when I first experienced JUMP Math in action: seeing how each concept and skill was broken down into smaller steps and carefully sequenced to build mastery, I realized how easily teachers can support and assess exactly where a student is with a resource like this.

As luck would have it, JUMP Math was hiring teachers to develop their SMART Lesson     Materials (digitalized lesson plans) and a classmate invited me to a training session. I began developing lesson plans part-time during my studies, and even continued when I started classroom teaching in the public school system. As I worked with lesson plans, I learned how each lesson developed a concept by scaffolding and always provided practice and challenges at each step. The lesson plans and prompts prepare teachers to check for understanding, and equip them with what students might need next – whether it’s additional practice, or a question to extend their thinking. Needless to stay, when an opportunity came up to work full-time to support teachers using JUMP Math, I took it!

Don’t hesitate to email me ( if you have any questions or need tips on using JUMP Math in your classroom. I hope to hear from you.

Teacher Support Specialist, JUMP Math